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Knitwear detailing I

Mens knitwear - fancy stitch and attachment


Fancy stitch/knit insertion

Changing the knit structure on shoulders, armholes or side seams can significantly change the total layout of the garment.

This require experiments on how well the two different knits work together; and how well measurement holds after knitted. It is certainly fun to play with knits!!


Attachment decor

Leather/Suede trims

Perfect companion on mens knitwear! We usually have these decor as elbow, back neck trim or back neck yolk to highlight branding.

Elbow patches

We have made different type of elbow patches over the years.

We have made clean stripes, irregular stripes, jacquard with snowflakes for Christmas.....

There are many knitted ideas we can make on elbow patches; same to the back neck yolk too.

We love to experiment and play with colour to achieve a different look!

Picture source from #pinterest
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