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About Us


I'm Ming, a third-generation knitwear designer, proudly continuing our family's legacy since the 1940s.

Our expertise spans the entire process, from development to manufacturing, where we present cutting-edge knitwear trends, blending innovative knitting techniques with fashionable designs and premium materials. Our dedicated production team is based in China.

Throughout our years in the knitwear industry, we've embraced the role of a responsible manufacturer. Our partners value our commitment to social responsibility, evident in our extensive use of sustainable materials to minimize our ecological footprint.

We thrive on collaboration, particularly with brands seeking to develop unique collections. Sharing our experience and skills, we believe, enriches not only our work but the industry as a whole.

Feel free to visit us, explore our latest news and blogs, and join us in building brands together!

Wishing you safety and a wonderful day.


Ming x

Modern Interior Design

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