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About Us

My name is Ming and I am a knitwear designer.

I am the 3rd generation of the family business since 1940's.

From development to manufacturing; We offer knitwear trends and ideas to different parties; areas on knitting technique with fashionable shapes and quality materials.  Our lovely production team is situated in China.

All these years of working in knitwear, we play an important role of a responsible manufacturer.  Partners we work with are highly aware of our social responsibilities and use great deals of sustainable material to minimise the negative impact to our living World.

We love to work with brands; and we enjoy very much developing the collection together using our expertise; because we believe by sharing our experience and skill will only make us better.

You are most welcome to visit us.  Do browse and see our latest news and blogs! 

Let's build brands together!!


Stay safe and good day.


Ming x

Modern Interior Design

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