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Knitwear detailing III

Mens knitwear --- Collar detail


When designing, we always try to lift the hanging appeal. How to make the garment look more attractive on photos or shop floor.

First attraction to the consumer could be the brand or the colour. When we do choose to look at the garment; the first contact, is the collar.

In order for someone to find the garment different; we will have to work on the collar a bit more. This will very much determine on the garment workmanship and how we transform the design idea to be most effective. Below show some examples on how to highlight the collar in a cost effective way.


If we are short in budget, concentrate on colour.


Double layer on plain knit pullover decor

Contrast colour use on the inner layer neck trim can highlight the whole plain knit outlook.

If budget is low, give and take; most costs on this garment would be the collar decor so we can choose a workable quality to make the body in order to afford such workmanship.

However, for design as such, fine quality yarn will give a much nicer finishing.


Sweatshirt look sports knitwear

The triangle centre collar decor enhance the sporty look. Whether it is a plain knit or texture knit, both can perform neatly.


Fancy collar stitch

Fancy collar stitch can uplift the usual rib collar; it adds a more subtle design detail to the garment. Reminder, nylon must be used in order to keep the recovery well.

Picture source from Pinterest 

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