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Knitwear detailing II

Mens knitwear - Plackets, cuff and hem detail


There are subtle detail areas we can work on to make the garment look more up market; branding is definitely one of them. There are also small area we can do to achieve such twist.

Here we show different ways to decor the knitted cuff and hem to do the job.


Contrast placket decor

Introducing highlight colour on placket is the easiest way to uplift a plain cardigan.

Whether is a zip cardi or button one; this technique is easy and cost effective.

Contrast colour is best used to echo the colour of your logo or your theme for that season. Matching with quality buttons will finish it off nicely.


Knitted cuff decor

Contrast colour or textured stripes on cuff looks sophisticated. We can echo the contrast round the collar or adding on the hem; so the whole garment look even more up-lifted.


Knitted hem decor

Textured knit decor is well used on hem; it also helps the garment weight down better.

Whether we make it in contrast colour or self coloured yarn; the different knit textured always stands out well.

However, not all textured knit work well with the base knit; some may distort the garment hem.

Picture source from #pinterest

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