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Supplier conference meeting in the UK

Limited time, limited space to show our strengths!!

We appreciate each of our invite; we always give our best and show the most relevant.

Show case areas

JM representative mentioned a few key points: Show the relevant; present what needs to be seen. Only quality matters; quantity do not count!

This 2 hours presentation was straight to the point. Key areas showing:

  • Sustainable material

  • Workmanship quality

  • Various knit structure design

Brief story about this conference

Organisers would like to introduce their suppliers to another division of the company. To widen supplier's database, to share knowledge base.

The role we stand

Be original, show off your style, and tell your story.

We are specific, targeted and profession.

We are pleased with the outcome and the messages we've sent across to room.

It was a brilliant day and we had lots of positive feedbacks from the board!!

Discussion time

We had some very good enquiry sessions after the conference and are so happy with the outcome! Happy to be here and much appreciate the invite!!!! xx

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